I Build your SILLY Redstone Ideas! #23
In this redstone video, Mumbo takes your silly redstone ideas and converts them into silly redstone builds! In this Minecraft episode we build a Moaning Mona Lisa, an automatic redstone bridge builder that destroys itself, an inefficient minecraft farm and more!
Filming channel: sltoos.info
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Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Victor Ansbjerg
    Victor Ansbjerg

    try making an "automatic tree farm"

  • Serpent king
    Serpent king

    Idea: making bedrock destroyer using bug and redstone, please?

  • Grady Brush
    Grady Brush

    For the throwing machine, put a massive ping-pong board

  • Pillzman's Fox
    Pillzman's Fox

    Life, life finds a way 7:03

  • Kerry Krell
    Kerry Krell

    make a self building Redstone mechanism were every individual block is being placed in by a flying machine

  • arkanon

    make a machine that makes another machine then destroys itself

  • Ziad Lukovic
    Ziad Lukovic

    Idea: A TV that actually turns on with a press of a button on a remote control

  • That weird channel
    That weird channel

    or you could make a literal slimeball item launcher

  • That weird channel
    That weird channel

    make a working sailboat with underwater piston machines

  • That weird channel
    That weird channel

    make strandbeest jousting with the same mechanics in your walking base. They could set each other on fire or something.

  • Ryan The S
    Ryan The S

    That portal is not silly at all.


    New idea! Make a highly advance netherite duplicator if you don't know that theres a glitch in minecraft that can duplicate blocks just search youtube! Ss make a highly advance netherite duplicator!!!

  • Izaan Salam
    Izaan Salam

    5:50 u can just crawl under the slime blocks and if u dont know how, just play more minecraft

  • Izaan Salam
    Izaan Salam

    4:19 fun fact: he just put a pointless piston under the lever

  • GtothePtotheK

    make a tutorial on the throwing machine

  • Firefrab

    Why am i only seeing this a month later? WHY?

  • ralph jones
    ralph jones

    this is my face after i saw that Monalisa ;0

  • Kerry Krell
    Kerry Krell

    make a TNT cannon that bounces the TNT in a circle then shoots it

  • Jaxaboi26

    Useless machine idea: make a machine that places a mob, but makes the sound of a different mob when the actual entity is placed

  • Komlan Apaloo
    Komlan Apaloo

    3:00 you just made a self making parkour!!!

  • Josh Reeves
    Josh Reeves

    Mona Lisa? More like Rastafarian Hitler.....

  • zean just zean
    zean just zean

    A machine that mines

  • the skring
    the skring


  • Sammohan Karki
    Sammohan Karki

    Build a block of stone in the upper of a boat and stick a piston in the upper of the boat /works in water

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez

    At 4:24 when you flipped the switch my ohone went to Snapchat all by itself😳

  • Julian Hoak
    Julian Hoak

    Okay so it’s a working mirror: you step in a pressure plate on one side of a wall in glass and it tells the other side where to slide an armor stand. No idea if it could ever work but it’s a cool idea

  • Benja529

    A pp walking

  • ST 21 12
    ST 21 12


  • Maurix Castro
    Maurix Castro

    7:10 mr mojang noticed you


    4:00 me too 😂😂😂😂 i just sayed there wow relaxing thingy

  • shely lin
    shely lin

    Silent hah lion 🦁. Ok I'm sorry. Fun builds👍🏻 great content👍🏻 very gooood👍🏻

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez

    A bomb that starts sound because is nearly for explode and and the last moment it doesnt explode


    Make a machine that makes a Armor Stand bounce towards a barrel and eventually land on said barrel

  • Noah Ali
    Noah Ali

    please do a tutorial for these

  • Jix

    When I watched mumbo for the first time I actually thought he had a mustage

  • George Thrailkill
    George Thrailkill

    0:54 looks like Adolf (if ya know what I mean) with long hair.

  • Mewpet Nope
    Mewpet Nope

    Useless creation idea: A resistor that is so resisting that is has no use like 1/4096 (one I made)

  • Parin Aditya
    Parin Aditya

    Make a among us house , with red aromored zombies killing viilagers

  • Manan Gupta
    Manan Gupta

    6:21 Mumbo telling it is easy to destroy things than to create Me looking at that machine : Are you sure

  • Alief Van den berg
    Alief Van den berg

    They’re back :)

  • Geoff Easton
    Geoff Easton

    I've always wanted to figure out how to make a jail cell that's impossible to escape. Maybe an infinite cobblestone wall, but with obsidian?

  • manoher warge
    manoher warge

    Who would win a colossal redstone computer or a normal water bucket

  • Alisina Norouzi
    Alisina Norouzi

    A swimming whale

  • Ilias Char
    Ilias Char

    I have you an idea: a 3x5 submarine that you can be inside in survival.

  • Ramza Ehteshaam Afrisa
    Ramza Ehteshaam Afrisa

    build a toilet that flushes when you dance

  • the kids life
    the kids life

    4:19 dantdm in minecraft maps be like Sub to my channel please

  • Nguyen Alvin
    Nguyen Alvin

    i know one what about a redstone parkour

  • OofmeWaffles

    Here's something I thought of Make a type of food in minecraft ( any food ) and make it grow legs and arms then starts to move, trying to escape from being eaten

  • Correct Horse
    Correct Horse

    Let's go minecraft Michael Reeves

  • Lance Schneider
    Lance Schneider

    How about a multiplayer mini game with detector rails and rails that lead to cliffs and the detector rail change the switches to the cliff rails that makes sense right

  • Synthra Official
    Synthra Official

    I need a tutorial for that wool machine. It's GENIUS!

  • Brother Theo
    Brother Theo

    Hey mumbo! I have a challenge for you. Make a mega fireworks show using redstone programming. n00b_asaurus has a redstone cpu design that could be a source of inspiration. specifically the ROM memory.

  • Noname

    A redstone system that builds a redstone system automaticly

    • nick

      Yes lol

  • TrasHit

    can you build something that once started cannot be switched off? ^^

  • Pea

    Wait the sheep one could be used for randomness generation, you could affect odds with number of sheep, not useless enough

  • davlorn73

    Pls build a GIANT walking robot

  • Advay Agarwal
    Advay Agarwal

    you are a redstone king sir

  • Saavik256

    Mumbo, what's with you increasingly sounding like a 12 y/o girl who had too much sugar lately ? Lose the squeaky voice, man.

    • TheDorsetEmu

      It's not like he can help it

  • man person
    man person

    Idea: A storage system that explodes when its overloaded.

  • LinkSkywalker175

    OHHHHH I dont mean to be rude but this hit very close, the member ¨SilentHylian¨ who requested you build the endless hallway´s username is actually pronounced silent ¨High/Lee/An¨ and Hylian meaning a race of people from Legend of Zelda. Link from Legend of Zelda is a hylian and is mute which is why the user calls themselves SilentHylian because they are a fan of Link.

  • Tube A Tron
    Tube A Tron

    Redstone build: A chest where you put in shulkurs, you can watch bouce on lots of slime blocks, then get stored on another floor

  • James Rhee
    James Rhee

    make an automated tnt shooter with different modes and a reloading button that ejects tnt from a capsule that says James inc on it

  • Josh Simon
    Josh Simon

    124k likes and only 670 dislikes!? That’s awesome!!!

  • Nicola Phelan
    Nicola Phelan

    Build a moustache house

  • Nicola Phelan
    Nicola Phelan

    Build a house that's a farm

  • 山月IQmanager


  • Bailey Stephenson
    Bailey Stephenson

    I think u should of goton grain to do that the build parts

  • Simon Garrels
    Simon Garrels

    could you build a machine, which destroys something while moving and build it again?

  • T

    Idea for next one: flying machine that makes an ice bridge, which will then melt to stop others from following

  • Puss Gaming
    Puss Gaming

    4:28 This is like the button at the wall at school that doesn't do anything, and when we press it someone says "What if you click this button a bomb explodes somewhere?"

  • Plus Minus
    Plus Minus

    make the most complicated useless machine(so when you set a lever and turns it on, the machine will destroy the lever.)

  • just watching
    just watching

    after a year mumbo, after a year


    6:20 or just put tnt and light it up ;-;


    Not the best but entertaining 9 mins

  • JV Drum
    JV Drum

    The flying machine maker is impressive.

  • NazTUBE Gaming
    NazTUBE Gaming

    I really hope this got pick by him Try to make a radar using sculk sensors and redstone lamp

  • HTXDiecastTV

    Idea: A button but when press it, it starts a Machine that breaks the button

    • Thatoneguy

      @Qui-Gon Jinn but that’s a lever

    • Qui-Gon Jinn
      Qui-Gon Jinn

      He already built one.

  • Holt F.
    Holt F.

    A Machine that makes a Giant Chicken poster.

  • Shnagans lmao
    Shnagans lmao

    oh good i have been waiting for confirmation that my pigeon got there safe

  • Mark Donath
    Mark Donath

    make a machine that just trows wolfs

  • Flowey The flower
    Flowey The flower

    Make machine breaks crafting table when you try craft something

  • Spooderman

    Do a tutorial for the nether portal door

  • Osama binana
    Osama binana

    Make a inaccurate arrow rapid fire on next episode if you wanna know how to do it you have to make a 2 by 2 and put two blocks next to the top the break the other top blocks and put redstone torches at the bottom wood and put red stone at the top then put redstone on 1 side and put a reapeter at the redstone then put a dispenser at the repeater then arrows in it

  • Joe Scofield
    Joe Scofield

    Hey mumbo could you build a cannon that catches tnt and fires back

  • Jordan Mos
    Jordan Mos

    A toilet that flushes

  • Atomic Videos
    Atomic Videos

    Make a working boat out of Redstone

    • Atomic Videos
      Atomic Videos

      Also try to make a 4x4 piston door (but for an extra challenge try and make it 5x5! it would be really cool to see

  • tymatheetj tyu
    tymatheetj tyu

    Build a working functional door with no other doors only with blocks

  • GAMING Techz
    GAMING Techz

    0:42 she looks like Medusa instead of Mona Lisa 😅

  • Logan Brower
    Logan Brower

    That self building and destroying bridge will be dreams next shenanigans in manhunt

  • Blurpled

    I watched this in a youtube MP3 player beat thing

  • Bruh Moments
    Bruh Moments

    I think the only stupid thing about this is how you spelled your title. Ooooooo It’s built NOT BUILD

  • Kryptic YT
    Kryptic YT

    Make a machine that makes sandwiches with 200 combinations.

  • Luiz Fellipe
    Luiz Fellipe

    Silly Idea: An aquarium (only with tropical fish) with a refresh randomizer button. (The old fish would get thrown away and new random tropical fish would spawn)

  • Elijah Riddle
    Elijah Riddle

    you should make an automatic little house builder

  • ꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙𒐫𒈙𒐫꧄𒈙꧄𒈙I𒈙꧄𒈙T𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙A𒈙꧄

    Make a machine that makes memes

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson

    He's the Michael Reeves of minecraft but PG-13 😂

  • TheGaminPianist CCC
    TheGaminPianist CCC

    Finally a new one

  • Ilya Katsurbiy
    Ilya Katsurbiy

    Withered powered nether star farm

  • ben dump account
    ben dump account

    Automated, automated flying maceam builder, builder

  • kristian sandvik
    kristian sandvik

    The sheep one every sheep should be jeb_ sheep as so you cant know what colour it really is