Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - PACIFICO BANK!
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7 on the Hermitcraft Minecraft server, Mumbo works on the new Pacific Shop Pacific banking system, getting everything installed in the hermitcraft shopping district. This pacific banking system allows all hermits of the hermitcraft server to have their own personal bank account which they can deposit pacifico's (or pacificoins) into. This is automatic banking in minecraft.
Filming channel: sltoos.info
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Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Thomas O' Dwyer
    Thomas O' Dwyer

    Man has literally made wall street in minecraft

  • Hiroki horie
    Hiroki horie

    fun fact: your watching this threw 2020-2021 and u started at the halfway point

  • μιχαλης χριστογιαννοπουλος
    μιχαλης χριστογιαννοπουλος

    The palm trees were amazing

  • Snake05

    Before I saw your redstone I thought that I was good at redstone but now I realize I am bad at redstone compared to you

  • Jack Silver Films
    Jack Silver Films

    I'm the exact opposite I hate exposed redstone lol

  • MBAM

    What happened to mumbos old outro

  • Team_Bees

    Watching mumbo build is sometimes so stressful for me because it seems like he leaves so many items to just despawn XD Like, no wonder you spend so many diamonds!! You're always wasting the supplies that you buy!

  • RandommNinja

    All this talk of Pacifico is making me thirsty...

  • Syrus Cod
    Syrus Cod

    Who doesn't understand a word he says when it comes to redstone? Me:✋

  • insert random name
    insert random name

    Imagine real life banks be like that

    • Lorcan Jambrina
      Lorcan Jambrina


  • Technodog

    To be fair, building (and red stone) is really just maybe... this’ll work...?

    • insert random name
      insert random name


  • ChampionX

    I think the exposed Redstone is worse than covering it up(it's my opinion)

  • Jonathan West
    Jonathan West

    They should add a palm tree to Minecraft

  • Kaden Riggs
    Kaden Riggs

    mumbo: to keep everything from being blocky and bland everyone else: what game are we playing again

    • insert random name
      insert random name


  • Jonathan Sorenson
    Jonathan Sorenson

    Mumbo's law. It never goes smoothly.

  • xenon 54
    xenon 54


  • Michael and Makayla
    Michael and Makayla

    Iskall:my palm trees...It took me TwO HOUrS! Me:so it wasn't ok to make a mechanically one that took mumbo 12 hours to build? -Yes I've seen the whole video-

  • Corey Plays
    Corey Plays

    Is your name oli

  • Drew Buckman
    Drew Buckman

    That poor turtle. ;( 1 like is 1 happiness for Mr. Turtle

  • Katie Diehr
    Katie Diehr


  • Abel Sedeno
    Abel Sedeno

    Mumbo: Integration Hell Me: OOOOHHH IMA TELL THE TEACHER

  • Peace of the Puzzle
    Peace of the Puzzle

    I am way behind, so this is probably far too late, but I think you should add interest to overdrawn accounts. Perhaps on the same timer as the exchange rate modifier - add 1 coin to each overdrawn account. 👍

  • Batterie Faible
    Batterie Faible

    "You're Swedish, you like compressed things"

  • King Will The 1st
    King Will The 1st

    17:29 “I’m not a tree builder” his base be like -_-

  • Kaden Migdal
    Kaden Migdal

    "I'm not a tree builder..." Ok, Mr. Omega Tree Builder, sure

  • Azuul

    The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation

  • Taituy Caituy
    Taituy Caituy

    IM NOT A TREE BUILDER *is literally building a giant tree*

  • Anze Tratar
    Anze Tratar

    Iskal: I am not tree builder His base: :I

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown

    This sounds like something I would rob in gta 5

  • Tussekatten

    Im not a tree builder - Iskall, who's base litterally is a giant tree

  • Charlie Fairbanks-Weston
    Charlie Fairbanks-Weston

    when he said its not even close my brain just added baby technoblade never deis!

  • Raider Ti
    Raider Ti


  • Keip Mit
    Keip Mit

    Hey mumbo psst You can move chests with pistons :0

    • Keip Mit
      Keip Mit

      @Samridh Sharma ya Ik i didnt know java and pe were diffrent until a week ago lol

    • Samridh Sharma
      Samridh Sharma

      Wut. No not in Java.

  • Ali Gujjar
    Ali Gujjar


  • Don't go to my about page please
    Don't go to my about page please

    Do NOT read my channel name

  • Kai Gruetzmacher
    Kai Gruetzmacher

    what happened to his shovel?

  • Thomas Noonoan
    Thomas Noonoan

    11:50 Ah yes... let’s do complicated red stone to calm our brain because we made a wall Edit: don’t freak out it’s a joke btw

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    Mumbo: I don't have a lot of intelligence Me: Looks at walking house *cries*

  • IAmGr Gamer
    IAmGr Gamer

    The bank gives me flashbacks of the "belt" game, I forgot what's the name for it Edit: Its called "The Button"

  • Sci-fientific

    Right, we’ve had Sahara and pacific. Next season I want a Mariana!

  • Bullethojo •
    Bullethojo •

    Oh god, mumbo guessed the stock

  • J. Alvin Harris
    J. Alvin Harris

    Did Iskal just say he wasn't a tree builder...yet he has a massive tree?

  • Brody Ray
    Brody Ray

    Iskall said he is not a tree building yet he is building a huge tree as his base!!!hahahahhahaha

  • Gauge Forget
    Gauge Forget

    This is the equivalence to a streamer saying he did a little mining off camera

  • Abdurahman Stewart
    Abdurahman Stewart

    These man really be out here building a whole economy

  • Daniel Hampson
    Daniel Hampson

    Iskall:builds omega tree Also iskall: IM noT a tREe bUIilDeR

  • Tyler Maule
    Tyler Maule

    Iskall, the guy who’s base is an omega tree, said “I don’t build trees” in response to the removed palm trees!!! Is it just me or is there something wrong about this.

  • Zach Roberson
    Zach Roberson

    I think a good combo of iskall and mumbo's name would be mumbskall

  • Taha Ahmed
    Taha Ahmed

    Mumbo : So this does this and this does this Iskall : i cant believe you took my 🌴

  • Taha Ahmed
    Taha Ahmed

    Wait till he makes an army of carpet bombers to destroy the server cause it’s too cluttered

  • Team RWB Cleveland/Akron
    Team RWB Cleveland/Akron

    Grey = cyan ?????????

    • Panther King
      Panther King

      cyan terracota is weirdly grey in colour

  • GN_outrage

    Me: what the heck is that? Mumbo: um how do you not know what it is; it is the dhegxheusmaijzshg !

  • Kasaen

    Mumbo: I’m not intelligent, me: wait, what is Intelligent?

    • IndigoGollum

      Why cobble here?

  • Defensive Memer
    Defensive Memer

    It’s not cyan terracotta it’s grey cyan is a type of blue

  • Psygars

    Someone put a secret bace in your bace

  • game_space19

    Gta fans be like “time to call Lester and start this heist” (yes I know it’s pacific standard heist but it sounds similar)

  • J3t YT
    J3t YT

    Does anyone know how Mumbo created the variable price system?

  • Loki Playz_PH
    Loki Playz_PH

    Iskall is not very happy🤣😂🤣

  • Rebekah Hewitt
    Rebekah Hewitt

    So crossed there broken - mumbo jumbo 2021

  • Aidan Condon
    Aidan Condon

    PAC coins

  • SaS Man
    SaS Man

    Mumbo jumbo: you dont need a bank account if you own all the bank accounts

  • Reshaun

    12:13 Imagine if something in minecraft was blocky

  • Mizore M
    Mizore M

    Suggestion, this will so help with your ceiling. Hanging plants, you can suspend trees orr flip them to make a hanging bush around the center with vines coming down the wall into a fountain that runs along the outer wall.

  • Reality

    Day 16 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video

  • ExiledBowser

    If only you can make a display of sorts so they don't ever get into those overdraw chests. I don't trust anyone, not even myself!

  • krishna saraf
    krishna saraf

    Iskal :I'm not a tree bilder His base: I'm just going to ignor that

  • Christopher Braud
    Christopher Braud

    Iskall: “I’m not a tree builder!!!” Me: Then who built your tree?

  • Marvinteleon

    Rip palm trees 🌴

  • Jason_c_o

    Why was he calling grey concrete cyan concrete?


    I love how when ISKALL fell off the float doc fell to his death lol

  • Antarctic Empire
    Antarctic Empire

    i don't know why 3:34 messed with my head.

  • Laura Stice
    Laura Stice

    hey will there be hermit craft season 8??

    • Laura Stice
      Laura Stice

      i dont mind you not responding

  • Shielded Knights
    Shielded Knights

    17:09 watching this after what went down on wall street 👀

  • Leo Hurwitz
    Leo Hurwitz

    17:26 I’m not a tree builder... just gonna ignore his main base

  • Turtleman6


  • NoobExtortion

    Idea: Use named books so that people can use "debit cards" to open their bank accounts. (keycard system)

  • Losers Gang
    Losers Gang

    *No Palm trees were harmed in the making of this video*

  • Double A Gamer
    Double A Gamer

    This is a terrible day, for the 99% of people that have seen him build those trees.

  • Grace Brosha
    Grace Brosha

    To fiz the palm tree problem you should get Cleo to make little armour stand palm trees in like pots or something on the counter at the front of the lobby :D

  • Mone Luve
    Mone Luve

    Iskall: *sees palms are gone😐...... * _yellow tape around his body_ 😩✌

  • ThePancakeRenegade

    17:29 Iskall: "I'm not a tree builder" But.. you built the Omega Tree?

  • bad brad
    bad brad

    That is not cyan but grey

  • LaRae Cannon
    LaRae Cannon


    • Tobias Cunningham
      Tobias Cunningham

      Everyone panic.

  • Song Hong
    Song Hong

    Replace bank chest with barrel, so no peeling

  • NeverNight X
    NeverNight X

    Why not wrap the aquarium above the lobby, since you can hardly see the diamonds anyway and the fish are basically corner decorations I feel like it would fit

  • Aquablure Kh
    Aquablure Kh

    5:40 Mambo: meetup with “Iskall” Translator: meetup with “this gal”😏

    • Samridh Sharma
      Samridh Sharma

      Sounds a bit wrong... (๏_๏)

  • The Freshman
    The Freshman

    How is the bloody bank thing even possible

  • Matthew Fletcher
    Matthew Fletcher


  • Froggy

    These are just some suggestions I thought might bring the look of Pacific a bit together ^^ of course the decoration is purely subjective and these are just some preferences. I think that it would be super cool to make some type of glass floor so that the hermits could see the cool redstone contraptions underneath, so mabe cleaning it up a bit underneath too. And the rubber ducks in the lobby are gorgeous but they get a little cluttered from the elevator so mabe some stained glass so it didnt blend in so much but you could still see it, mabe even in the button but that would mabe be a little hard to do. So that most of the redstone is able to be seen more like in some type of showrooms, and it could contribute to keeping it like an honest and open but still very fun shop. It could be fun to put some benches or somethign to rest. Tables with some cactus or decoration in front of those gradient decorations in the lobby could also work nicely. The buttons I think also looked much more colourful and fun when they had the pink strip in the middle, is a little too much cian, and a good contrasting color like pink or orange as it was before you changed it would make the color pop more, and the whole lobby look brighter (I am no expert but I do enjoy making art and also building in minecraft ^^ so color theory might work in this situation, of course it's completely gorgeous without these things) Anyways thanks for reading this and I hope everyone has a great day, if you read it or not does not matter, bye bye much love for all!!

  • Matthew Dylla
    Matthew Dylla

    And like that Pacific Co. shut down...jk

  • Skirakzalus

    Iskall is chuffed to bits. Mumbo is chuffed to bits. The palm trees are chopped to bits.

  • Peter Roef
    Peter Roef

    mumbo: 3:30 iskall at the beginning of the season: THIS TREE FARM LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!

  • Tavavenger

    Building 101 use some contrasting colors

  • Mee

    I paused a lot just to look at that magnificent duck.

  • David Englund
    David Englund

    I had to check that the playback speed was set to normal for this episode, thought it might have been set fast for a bit there.

  • The Minecraft Shark
    The Minecraft Shark

    Lets have a vote! Like this comment if you think "The lobby looks better without the palm trees, it feels less cluttered!", and dislike it if you think "The lobby was perfect the way it was! the palm trees didn't make the lobby feel cluttered!". btw I think it looks better without the palm trees, but I'm curious about what everyone else thinks. (If you want you can leave a reply as your answer idc)😜

  • • Ć ł ø û d ÿ •
    • Ć ł ø û d ÿ •


  • Yeetus_Deletus -w-
    Yeetus_Deletus -w-

    Get Grian

  • Raven Olson
    Raven Olson


  • 3cooo

    iskall: IM NOT A TREE BUILDER iskall's base: ;-;