Hermitcraft 7: Episode 66 - BIG BASE PROGRESS!
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo terraforms the bottom of his base, getting the entire exterior fully completed. Mumbo also works on the Minecraft automatic iron farm, works on the Minecraft villager breeder and then makes some serious progress in Minecraft Pacific Shop in the Hermitcraft Shopping District.
Filming channel: sltoos.info
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Arian Bathaiee
    Arian Bathaiee

    3:13 Juan.

  • Rebekah Little
    Rebekah Little

    One day that was the best thing to have in my car £100’000’000’000

  • Quinton Redlien
    Quinton Redlien

    this is just mumbo jumbo to me. wait. that's why his name is huuuuuuuuuuuuuh. . . ______

  • Lucas Falin
    Lucas Falin

    You should put vines and other green stuff for the eight towers around your base to make it fit in a little better

  • DK.Brainless

    You should have done it so that depending on the popularity(how many people are buying) the price varies, so the more people are buying the higher the price is, the less people are buying the lower the prices

  • Me.

    I keep misreading the title as poggers instead of progress

  • Ankhayra TV
    Ankhayra TV



    Tap or click this time stamp over and over again it really fun 15:56


    I love how he’s so rich that gave a zombie enchanted diamond armour just for looks

  • EveesCastle

    Ah yes minecraft earth... That totally aged well

  • Corey Plays
    Corey Plays

    Is your name oli in real life

  • CptP2neapplez

    the weird wall in the middle of nowhere is just a part of a quest grian created, the contestants had to go through the hole (thats what she said) with a riptide trident

  • Dolphone

    Mumbo: I'm going to make myself feel better by murdering thousands of iron golems overnight. Mumbo: For some reason, when I blow people up with machines in real life, they get upset. HMMMM KINDA SUS...

  • Ahmad Kabir
    Ahmad Kabir

    i have a question. cant people just plant sunflower to get free sunflower without buying it?

  • Abel Sedeno
    Abel Sedeno

    3:13 Lol the horse is there for a long time until mumbo saves it. Not sure if anyone else noticed this.

  • Azuul

    The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation

  • SquareBadge4952

    “Im a SLtoosr we don’t have Christmas” I guess no SLtoosr can be Christian

  • SquareBadge4952

    Mumbo was way better at building than I thought

  • Potatoman

    Hey mumbo, why don't you try putting a pumpkin on the zombie instead of a helmet, because the helmet takes durability, and the pumpkin doesn't.

  • Aviation Playz
    Aviation Playz

    Why is there a horse in ur base

  • dylan rowlands
    dylan rowlands

    3:40 the horse dude ;)

  • Isaac .40sx
    Isaac .40sx

    This blows my mind with how much redstone there is and how well it works. It is of course trial and error but jesus

  • Ali Gujjar
    Ali Gujjar


  • Paul Douris
    Paul Douris

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ died for you so live for him

  • Aurora Gaming
    Aurora Gaming

    Mumbo has made in game currency in Minecraft in Minecraft

  • Thomas Noonoan
    Thomas Noonoan

    3:20 Anyone else notice the horse?

  • TL 1012
    TL 1012

    Execute Order, 66.

  • MiningFreak_Alicha

    you need to place a dropper or something like it, so then are being auto feed

  • Tushar

    Shouldn't there be less gold for the no. of diamonds as they would make work a lot easier!!

  • Sci-fientific

    You should make a shop for pacific vouchers when it is open!

  • Ignacio Jara Bauman
    Ignacio Jara Bauman

    mumbo!! what if you tried sodium, lithium and phosphor mods (with fabric) + the WURST standalone zoom mod. it gives it the feel of bedrock, no more stutter, and usually more fps!

  • Mackinaw

    Wait if 1 diamonds = 5 coins won’t that mean 5 torches cost a diamond

  • Kasaen

    Hey, imagine if I was hiding a snitch of a secret base in your base as a imagine joke in the comment section! IMAGINE!!!

  • Rebekah Hewitt
    Rebekah Hewitt

    Hi mumbo I like it

  • King Will The 1st
    King Will The 1st

    GRUMBOT deserves a visit

  • Super Tian
    Super Tian


  • Super Tian
    Super Tian


  • Reality

    Day 14 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video

  • ExiledBowser

    why not use name tag to prevent de-spawning of villagers, zombies, and zombie villagers?

  • mKoku

    thanks god, he helped the horse

  • Guy Segev
    Guy Segev

    3:33 the horse tho

  • Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s
    Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s

    Mumbo’s base died to the orders of execute episode 66.

  • Bryce Plachecki
    Bryce Plachecki

    Haven’t watched this series since before summer. crazy nostalgia

  • Str3m Epiphany06
    Str3m Epiphany06


  • Katessa H.
    Katessa H.

    Mumbo, Grian built a base in your base.

  • Bonk

    “There’s no stealing on the HermitCraft server” *steals a diamond throne*

  • Michael Vanderwill
    Michael Vanderwill

    I stopped watching hermit craft a while ago (back when mumbo first made the heart.) And when I came back he still hasn't finished his base

  • Spark N’ Dark
    Spark N’ Dark

    There should be a guide for making this, for other severs, or hermitcraft season 8, or just for fun.

  • Sean Abranilla
    Sean Abranilla

    Mumbo: talks about his development as a minecrafter Horse: Spinning go brrrrrrrrr

  • Maciek Legierski
    Maciek Legierski


  • Diamond Mouse
    Diamond Mouse

    The variable should give 3or4 - 10 Pacificoin so there can be a downside to using the variable

  • Patrick Travers
    Patrick Travers

    Technically it would make no difference if he lost the diamond blocks because he can't use them anyway

  • cold_bananas

    And hes feeding the heart

  • cold_bananas

    Grian built a secret base in ur base

    • Frank Valley
      Frank Valley

      What time do you see grian

  • Mason Howell
    Mason Howell

    When can we expect modded hermitcraft?

    • Distorted Diamond
      Distorted Diamond

      Hermitcraft is slightly modded actually

  • ZaynPlayz


  • Art_ina_nutshell

    The horse in the time laps 😂

  • Alvin Bäckryd
    Alvin Bäckryd

    3:14 poor horsie :((

  • Noob Crew delux
    Noob Crew delux

    the only thing i focused on here was the horse and how it got stuck in mumbos base at the end 3:13

  • 3cooo

    8:44 lmao

  • YoutubeBroken

    Mumbo Jumbo: "Makes A Huge Base" Pewdiepie Who Makes An AC-130: *Interesting....*

  • Wyatt Lacey
    Wyatt Lacey

    couldnt the randomizer just infinitely go up? or even down

  • Dancing lions den. 6294
    Dancing lions den. 6294

    Am I the only one who could care less about how jumbos redstone creations work but loves the end result?

  • Brian Beutel
    Brian Beutel

    it’s all fun and games until mumbo makes an entire stock market/banking system in minecraft

  • Hairless Che
    Hairless Che

    Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • Shane Mcfarlane
    Shane Mcfarlane

    Grian gave me a shoutout he said ello

  • Bot Boi Gaming
    Bot Boi Gaming

    3:13 he do be spinnin'

  • Noah Möllmann
    Noah Möllmann

    in a part of the beginig timelaps there was a horse that was spinning, is that horse a Beyblade or something?

  • Tim Grumme
    Tim Grumme

    this video was made on my birthday!

  • Diamond

    Go crash the pacific market!

  • Diamond

    1:41 The wierd stone structure was made by Grian for his Super Mega Ultimate 2v2 Barge Quest

  • Northern Ninety7
    Northern Ninety7

    "Theres no stealing in the hermitcraft server." See that's where you're wrong Mumbo. It does happen. Just in the form of borrowing.

  • Diyu Nirwa
    Diyu Nirwa

    Me: "Open the video" Mumbo: My base is Dead, dead dead dead dead dead

  • Eric Proces
    Eric Proces

    Use color coded banners, then the markers on the map match the outlines


    I hate it when he realises a thing i thought about and commented after a month!!!!!!

  • Some Kid Who Likes Ramen
    Some Kid Who Likes Ramen

    3:13 HONSE

  • Dat One Guy
    Dat One Guy

    I like how in the prototype of the coin machine Grian's name on the sign is "Grain"

  • Firestar614 614
    Firestar614 614

    the "rather curious build" is Grian's Barge Treasure Hunt

  • Andrew Corse
    Andrew Corse

    I haven't been keeping up with the series; how does the base have lives? How are they lost? I don't understand any of it.

  • Littlewarrior 0106
    Littlewarrior 0106

    3:13 dancing horse on the hill side, just vibing

  • JBB

    'quite compact' sticks out 7 blocks back

  • Drewe5511

    8:05 Grians head is on the right of the screen

  • zoom doof
    zoom doof

    Ngl the outside little claws things don't go with the build at all and they serve no function. I would do w ruins type of claws

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    Suggestion: Make the outer ring overgrown aswell. So it all looks like an ancient civilization!

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin

    I was a little sad that Iskall had stopped uploading hermitcraft for a bit, so I decided to watch your videos instead. They're great!

  • SharkyMWC

    love seeing the Grian face in the timelapse at 9:13

  • momorain

    Title: „BIG BASE PROGRESS“ Reality: I placed 3 rocks and some bamboo

  • Cutekitty Sophie
    Cutekitty Sophie

    1:42 grian that’s what it is just grian oh and stonks

  • Teodora Stupic
    Teodora Stupic

    I feel like pacific coins should pacificly be bamboo but than again bamboo is worth a lot more than a diamond

  • Drakonite56

    Christians: what would Jesus do? MumboJumbo: what would Scar do?

  • Dameojin

    Color code your banners to match the outlines :)

  • shrekthelord

    I think my world is good but know im ashamed

  • Michael Camarillo
    Michael Camarillo

    I love the Minecraft Economics

  • Luna

    You should have to purchase the coins for whatever they are worth on the day not just a flat 1 diamond = 5 coins

  • Undyne's gaming
    Undyne's gaming

    The cobble wall was for grians quest

  • UnderCode

    1:41 that is grian building from the episode THE BARGE QUEST (it's the 54 episode)

  • Lucas Strong
    Lucas Strong

    I know you SHOULD display the conversion rate of diamonds to pacificoins, but it's definitely funnier if you don't. haha

  • I Exist In Me
    I Exist In Me

    13:18 oh no it's Bitcoin all over again

  • Qais Masri
    Qais Masri

    You should make it 7 coins for 1 diamond. So it’s s harder to calculate.

  • PrincePopplio

    hmmmmm.... redstone grian and building mumbo.... THEY SWAPPED BODIES!

10 mio.
10 mio.