Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - ALMOST DONE!
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo works on the Mumbo Jumbo Mega industrial district, filled with giant industrial farms. We build up a huge high efficiency super smelter with over 100 furnaces, and also build an industrial cactus farm whilst also working on the base.
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  • lasagna withparmesan
    lasagna withparmesan


  • Marcmello

    at 4:10 the furnaces look like huge furnaces outside the yellow and black border

  • Marcmello

    I built the exact same two farms that you did on the day of me watching it (though yours are much better)

  • GO the U.S. Military
    GO the U.S. Military

    How do you not get tired of Minecraft like I’ll go weeks without playing then want to play for like a month

  • TheGreatWarGamer

    i am autistic and i am glad to hear that there was some kind of event to help mind who funded my therapy

  • Thiago Pereira
    Thiago Pereira

    Pokémon Company stopped my Hermicraft and Chill for such an underwhelming presentation... Anyways, back to the good stuff.

  • Krisdaking_1

    What happened to hermit challenges

  • Zapcircuit ideas
    Zapcircuit ideas

    13:53 maybe consider rails powered by redstone blocks as a contraption

  • Alex Boluch
    Alex Boluch

    pray to lord mumbo

  • Owen Hawkins
    Owen Hawkins

    lol, a "straight diagonal"

  • Jackson Brookes
    Jackson Brookes

    you are awesome

  • Andrew O.
    Andrew O.

    Make the 100% drop rate cactus farm with hoppers

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus

    hundred thousandth like... so satisfying...

  • Aries McDaniel
    Aries McDaniel

    I really wish he hadn't used so much glass in his builds. It hurts my eyes.

  • Jeff Blum
    Jeff Blum

    i'm feeling "not pants today"

  • Average forza player
    Average forza player

    14:09 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to go against

  • Tremayne Roberts
    Tremayne Roberts


  • Peace of the Puzzle
    Peace of the Puzzle

    12:04 - Wahoo! Peace of the Puzzle! 😄

  • Dire_Wolf Aly
    Dire_Wolf Aly

    He stood up "twice today, very unhealthy".... That's my normal...

  • Azuul

    The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation

  • PuntyJR 07
    PuntyJR 07

    Can I just say, the fact that you can hear that mumbo lives the industrial district makes it 100x better

  • Ethan May
    Ethan May

    You should use kelp to fuel the furnaces

  • The Purple Ninja
    The Purple Ninja

    Why doesn't he just use dispenser

  • Deborah brune
    Deborah brune

    The colossal connection meteorologically wail because seal complimentarily attract off a simplistic disgust. bad, decorous chalk

  • Deborah brune
    Deborah brune

    The ahead gym lately delay because hamster perinatally smash for a plant cricket. tame, wise pansy

  • The Narwhal King
    The Narwhal King

    when is hermitcraft season 8

  • The Narwhal King
    The Narwhal King

    could you technicly make a water farm with kelp

  • The Narwhal King
    The Narwhal King

    why is his suprised face not in his inventory

  • ToTheThird

    American viewers watching the intro: "I woke up feeling very non - pants" Uhmmm you weren't wearing pants when you woke up?

  • Alex Bailey
    Alex Bailey

    What was the xp farm at 11:24 ?

  • Holly Edwards
    Holly Edwards

    Mumbo: its 6:00 in the morning Me: yeah thats not early I wake up at 6:00 in the morning Also he should have called his bow bumbow

  • Gaming Mafia
    Gaming Mafia

    is anybody else gonna comment on how the fact he said "now its looking chunky"

  • Gaming Mafia
    Gaming Mafia

    "its just pants" -Mumbo Jumbo 2020

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    Mumbo: Now to go to the industrial district! *Goes to villager district* Me: Has my life been a lie?

  • ceruchi

    This was a GREAT episode! I love farms :) . Also, I just finished an Ilmango-style cactus farm with 1,024 cactus plants, and based on a small test I did and a little bit of math... 45% of my cacti are being destroyed by cacti LOL.

  • BlueEra

    Pog champ trainnn

    • BlueEra


  • TopHat Videos Inc.
    TopHat Videos Inc.

    If you like the circuit board look of you industrial district, make a circuit board city in s8 for the next base. It would go well with your bulky build style.

  • Sharath S
    Sharath S

    So this is basically the season 6 super smelter, except not in a swamp and bent.

  • Kolos Jeli
    Kolos Jeli

    You are assined to defend quadrant 3! I hope you have enough ammo, that should be enough! Get all the checkpoints

  • Reality

    Day 8 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video

  • Wayne Ferreira
    Wayne Ferreira

    What about piston doors?

  • owenn566

    You actually did have a super smelter at the start of the season lol but u destroyed it lol

  • Koalt9Playz

    Can we just take a moment to notice that the Cacti farm looks like a CPU socket?

  • Manu

    cover your floor with slime blocks

  • TheHeroBrain

    At 18:15 he reminded me of Gordon Ramsy

  • Jonathan Brault
    Jonathan Brault

    you should use lava for the furnaces

  • sigurd Theodorsen
    sigurd Theodorsen

    me screaming at my computer becouse he dont use dispensers and caktus for the minecarts

  • King Will The 1st
    King Will The 1st

    It takes 513 cobblestone to make that many furnaces

    • King Will The 1st
      King Will The 1st

      I think it might have actually been 2 stacks and 1, not 1 stack and one so in that case it’s 1025

  • skippy

    7:30 HAH SURE

  • Jamin Nicoll
    Jamin Nicoll

    My friends and I started a minecraft server together and before I had a base, armour, or even proper tools, I had made a cactus farm that had 1024 bits of cactus growing, the amount I was collecting was a fair bit more than the 4 you collected at the end of this episode

  • Sakina Huzaifa
    Sakina Huzaifa

    There is gonna be an episode where he tears the super smelter down cuzza da lag

  • Cooper Strahorn
    Cooper Strahorn

    Mumbo “ now if i was smart” also mumbo: builds so many redstone contraptions ive never even dreamed of being capable to build

  • experi-MENTAL Productions
    experi-MENTAL Productions

    15:29 - "It sounds alot more complicated than it actually is. *INHUMAN GIBBERSISH* "

  • Sanjay Farmahan
    Sanjay Farmahan

    Did you not realise that you had a giant kelp farm Infront of u

  • Sanjay Farmahan
    Sanjay Farmahan

    Kelp can also act as fuel


    The theory about the bamboo fueling was the first and only this i understood from his redstone monstrosities

  • Chaz Taylor
    Chaz Taylor

    The industrial district looks like a giant water park!

  • MaLfoo

    I love how he says "Yay a kelp farm for furnaces... but it looks cool" (Makes super furnace) "Lets use bamboo"

  • Abner Fernandez
    Abner Fernandez

    Can we just appreciate that, out of 60 items he chose to use bamboo as a fuel source, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • Tan baid
    Tan baid

    Mumbo: it looks obscene, i mean in the best possible way

  • Tan baid
    Tan baid

    nobody is talking about how his mouse wheel scrolled really fast at 7:13

    • Tariq Taq
      Tariq Taq


  • Tom Creton
    Tom Creton

    It’s cacti

  • Nick Johnston
    Nick Johnston

    If it makes you feel better, I think your actual base looks cooler.


    Hermitcraft episode speedrun

    • Tariq Taq
      Tariq Taq


  • liliana miranda
    liliana miranda

    Mumbo: Runs a marathon for Charity Me: Nice Also me: I respect the guy who donated 500$/€£

  • Ava Wright
    Ava Wright

    I feel so stupid listening to Mumbo talk redstone... MY HEAD!! 🥲😭

  • Massimo Casella
    Massimo Casella

    Mumbo should make a Mumbo meditation room somewhere

  • Persleng

    Hah, you only standed up TWICE times this day... shame on you i didnt standed up today at all!

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days

    Episode 63 mumbo still hasn’t completed the project of layering the floor of his industrial district with slime blocks

    • Ava Wright
      Ava Wright

      OMG!! that’s a PROBLEM

  • Anders kvaale
    Anders kvaale

    Cactus in plural is cactie

  • Ryder Mathers
    Ryder Mathers

    Opens ender chest with joggers mumbo in it: MUMBO: everything that I would possible need on a day to day bassis

  • jimjam

    You should use kelp to fuel the furneses

  • Jorden 3लiazer
    Jorden 3लiazer

    I think if you could done this much of work in real world u will be rich real rich

  • I DON'T know i don't CARE
    I DON'T know i don't CARE

    isn`t a blast furnace or smoker better for a super smelter?

  • Noodle


  • A Visser
    A Visser

    Mumbo: “I think we should use the bamboo farm as fuel.” *Proceeds to stand next to massive kelp farm*

  • lindsey shaye
    lindsey shaye

    mumbo: “i’m not feeling pants” me: me either so i’m not wearing them

  • Carmen


  • Herrgabby _
    Herrgabby _

    7:13 is me when im hear a creeper, and trying to get my sword

  • Joseph Tompkins
    Joseph Tompkins

    Use kelp!

  • Xswords

    Make a netherite farm search how to build one if you don’t now what it is

  • TomateGamer2005

    You should connect the super smelter to the main store thingy

  • amdragon722am

    Does anyone know how you could make the smart super smelter start? I've used an an gate with comparators for the big part, no idea how to start the smelter, so I just have to manually start it by placing the first minecart.

  • ProEo

    Imagine how much faster his farms would be if he learned to speed-bridge

    • Tariq Taq
      Tariq Taq


  • cherriagana

    How do you keep all those furnaces fueled? It took me to do a bamboefarm of 400plants just to fuell 2 of them non stop let alone those 100ths of furnaces of yours.

  • Mintraft

    Attention! This minecraft server needs more players so its not as boring as it is make my day and all of the others on the server happy by joining It is java edition only Ip: sneaki.shock-zone.com dont scroll past

  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn Collins

    Can we call your most famous circuit the "dropper popper"?

  • Lykazz


  • DapperPixelguy


  • DapperPixelguy


  • DapperPixelguy


  • DapperPixelguy


  • DapperPixelguy


  • Michael Stawinoga
    Michael Stawinoga

    I have an bamboo farm in the end City with an automatic redstone machine every run gets me 8 shulkerboxes bambo =4 shulkerboxes sticks a =about 5 stacks emeralds 😅

  • iWisd0M5d

    i wonder how many diamonds mumbo had lost if he havent give food to his base?

  • Foxgamer Girl
    Foxgamer Girl


    • Joe Q
      Joe Q

      You just don’t understand it.

  • GeeklyEntertainment

    can you make a smart super smelter? like have blast furnaces and smokers and have the items sent to the correct furnace type?

  • Aiden T
    Aiden T


  • Aiden T
    Aiden T

    Almost done!

  • C-dawg1233

    How does he not have 10mil subscribers