Hermitcraft 7: Episode 65 - PACIFIC REDSTONE!
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo make MASSIVE PROGRESS on Hermitcraft Pacific. The Pacific redstone system has been developed in the Pacific Redstone Laboratory secure redstone vault. It involves a new Hermitcraft shopping district currency - Pacificoin, contactless payment system with individual bank account for all members of Hermitcraft Server. It even includes an automatic Minecraft bank account overdraft system!
Filming channel: sltoos.info
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Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    To the people saying we need more security aa you can just access each others accounts: Our entire shopping district is based on trust that you won't steal, it would be weird if people suddenly started stealing in Pacific!

    • Athen Davis
      Athen Davis

      I love the way you explained all this! :)

    • Samar Mohan
      Samar Mohan

      ​@Nate Hermitcraft is my favorite server because of all the trust and love that goes around. When I have servers with my friends, it's the opposite. People spent a stack of diamonds to buy Mumbo's MUSTACHE! like OMG

    • Michael Houdeshell
      Michael Houdeshell

      The code is pacific isn’t it

    • Mitchell King
      Mitchell King

      Suggest Iskall to make a police station

    • Cyrus Wright
      Cyrus Wright

      Just wanted to say, you would be great at programming in PYTHON.

  • Bored JMK
    Bored JMK

    3:31 “GRAIN” 😂

  • Mohamed Imthiyaz
    Mohamed Imthiyaz

    Mr. Mumbo Did u study redstone from University ???

    • Mohamed Imthiyaz
      Mohamed Imthiyaz

      Amazing ur redstone contraption

  • Kristian Vadsholt Lyster
    Kristian Vadsholt Lyster

    As soon as Mumbo said go at the beginning of the meeting with him and Iskall a 30 second ad started.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    This guy solved banking in minecraft

  • Henry Hansen
    Henry Hansen

    As someone in college for computer science, this pacific machine seems like the answer to my homework if I was allowed to code in red stone.

  • Kai Adam
    Kai Adam

    me : suffering at trying to understand 3x3 piston door Mumbo Jumbo : trying to build a machine with bank accounts and depts, etc. me : wat :L

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards

    11:20 "balance is restored"

  • Empty Librito
    Empty Librito

    Never thought I'd be learning C# in a minecraft video

  • Meghann Salus
    Meghann Salus

    grian made a base in your house hi grian

  • Oscar1584

    Mumbo please understand if you see this, redstone, technical, farm, nerdy episodes are the best ones by far!

  • Snuskedundret

    So let me get this straight... Place one block = that looks so cool. Place another block = that looks so cool. Place a third block = that looks so cool. Place a fouth block = that looks so cool...?

  • Sixty Nine
    Sixty Nine

    Does anyone noticed that he spelled "Grain" instead of Grian? in 7:03

    • Cillian O'Donovan
      Cillian O'Donovan

      Yes, it was a joke

  • hans günter
    hans günter

    Interesting challenge to make a bank account work. I guess I would have tried to solve it by having the chest that represents the bank account start at 100 (or some other convenient amount) items by default. We consider the account empty if said chest contains 100 items, everything more is positive balance, everything less is negative balance, equal to how much is missing to 100. By choosing a convenient number for 100 we could easily test if the chest has more than that and as such a positive balance, which would mean we allow the User to buy stuff. This enables overdraft, if a user buys to much, the chest will go below 100, locking the ability to buy until the user has inserted enough for the balance to be more than 0 by filling items into the chest. Of course it might not be 100 items that are convenient, maybe some amount of items that JUST manage to give signal strength 2/3 to a comparator would be best.

  • Rocketeer495

    Don't worry mumbo, I like you!

  • MurrayTheAwesome

    My man's over here just building freaking artificial intelligence in Minecraft

  • lucas bridges
    lucas bridges

    Mumbo should install these in the shopping district it would be his most successful shop

  • Jaciel Ravelo Rodarte
    Jaciel Ravelo Rodarte

    Man, I sure do wish I understood his explanations for his contraptions...

  • Owen Hawkins
    Owen Hawkins

    you should have the pacificoins set as prismarine crystals, they are blue and look like tokens

  • RENOOO yuh
    RENOOO yuh

    how do you crouch and can you do it in bedrock edition?

  • Imma Poop
    Imma Poop

    My iq has been lowered by a hundred and 20

  • Edward A
    Edward A

    -* REMEMBER MUMBO *- you have slime balls in the dispensers

  • Eamon Palmer
    Eamon Palmer

    What’s the point of having a vault when he explains the design in grave detail

  • Arnistonboy

    can we all just apreciate Grain

  • SuperMXLvr Productions
    SuperMXLvr Productions

    Um my brain was shut down by rhis and normally im good with redstone

  • Mr oof
    Mr oof

    has anyone seen that grians sign says grain?

  • Safiya

    I like your funny words magic man

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris

    what is this guys iq

  • Ragequiter 67
    Ragequiter 67

    Mumbo says it’s all easy while I am still thinking about how you would do this and he has already finished

  • Christopher

    Yes, I do indeed like watching your videos Mumbo. I'm not so technical myself, and I can barely keep up with you during your redstone moments. But your shenanigans and wonderful personality makes it all worth while to watch. :)

  • Deathsteak 666
    Deathsteak 666

    Im looking at all the signs mumbo put up, where he could of used a book...... #OldSchool

  • Samar Mohan
    Samar Mohan

    if (bankBalance == 0 && overdraft) { keepOverdraft(); } else if { clearOverdraft(); }

  • Jeff Blum
    Jeff Blum

    best vid of hermitcraft seven and whep it came out on my bday

  • Ruby Chen
    Ruby Chen


  • Lola Spinale
    Lola Spinale

    mumbo favorite sentence is "it's really quite easy"

  • Ahmad Kabir
    Ahmad Kabir

    i feel bad for the dog bcuz u guys r enjoying and its just sitting there

  • Marek Kowalski
    Marek Kowalski

    You know what? Why are they even any dislikes are this video? It’s stupid!

  • Aiden Bell-McNee
    Aiden Bell-McNee

    Other shops: I look cool and just require a chest to buy stuff Pacific: 👨‍💻... 🤯

  • Slzxn

    11:20 he went full thanos mode


    I was gonna make a chuffed to bits joke but there was no way for me to.

  • Azuul

    The game is on, Mumbo Jumbo. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation

  • Novak El rapero
    Novak El rapero

    Mumbo:part of the one brain cell club. The real mumbo:part off the 100000 brain cells off red stone club

  • boian Georgiev
    boian Georgiev

    Mubmo trying to figure out red stone is like me trying to figure out programing

  • iñigo angulo
    iñigo angulo

    your mental meltdown is the definition of your videos

  • _N3CT4R1N3 _
    _N3CT4R1N3 _

    3:58 "and then if I hit myself..."

  • Zosma Conn
    Zosma Conn

    I’ve gone back and watched the 30 seconds of giggling 5 times now... I need that to be my text alert sound!

  • Jayden Harvey
    Jayden Harvey

    For someone who ONLY speaks English, the explanation of the machine was harder to understand than Japanese

  • Jarjarfunk

    most logically challenging thing you've ever done with redstone in my opinion. kudos my man you've added a few wrinkles to your brain today

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner

    I feel like it would have been simpler to block only the chests for items that the user couldn't afford than doing the whole overdraft nonsense.

  • Defektiv

    Him: as user-friendly as possible Sign: we break kneecaps

  • Sabas Blade master
    Sabas Blade master

    18:20 the pure childish giddy joy that two grown men can get... from Minecraft floats, my cold heart can’t take this much wholesome

  • dylan rowlands
    dylan rowlands

    **exited shuffling**

  • Beholder88

    My brain is scrambled after this episode lol

  • Burren McCormick
    Burren McCormick

    turned my sound to the max just for the end sound of pool toys

  • Alpaca man
    Alpaca man

    so what i got from the plan is that pacific is the Sam's Club of hermitcraft

  • Shayer S. Utsho
    Shayer S. Utsho

    The way he developed this reminds me of actual computer programming... And _he_ did it in *_MINECRAFT!!!_*

  • Holly Edwards
    Holly Edwards

    In this video I had 0 idea what he was talking about

  • Gaming Mafia
    Gaming Mafia

    so, i know the reason munbo isnt doing the following minecart thing, because you would need command blocks to do so

  • Aspenpaw

    The moment I hear Mumbo’s plan: oh my god you need opencomputers to do that how are you possibly going to do that with ordinary vanilla redstone?!?!?

  • Art Of Ruin
    Art Of Ruin

    kind of wish we could have seen the battle

  • Eduardo

    Ok, making somehing similar with normal programing language is pretty easy, but with REDSTONE????? Mumbo is an absolute genius

  • Darren Nabarrete
    Darren Nabarrete

    this is why i don't watch mumbo (you know what i mean)ITS COMPLICATED

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    I love watching grown men play with squeaky toys for 20 minuts

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    I love how his form of recourse gathering is: *going to his storage system and hermitcraft shop* I'm jealous

  • FredDeveloper

    "That should be it oh wait a war happened

  • Tortilla

    *My brain hurts.*

  • Nyxira

    Man, you guys are always just so incredible in your genius redstone superstores.

  • Blue lava L3murs
    Blue lava L3murs

    You spelt grian wrong

  • Poliax Gaming
    Poliax Gaming

    pacific = Sahara 2.0

  • Blane W.
    Blane W.

    The sign on the lamp says "You're overdrawn. Fix otherwise we break kneecaps." Dark man.

  • Edyn TheF0x2310
    Edyn TheF0x2310

    Me:*is listening to the end thing* Mumbo: I hope you like me also me: I like you you just talk too much

  • Sci-fientific

    Mumbo: 3,2,1 SLtoos: *advert*

  • ZiniSZN

    Is it just me who noticed grian is named grain

  • Ashley Ward
    Ashley Ward

    normaly i would under stand but at 14:00 i was so confused

  • King Will The 1st
    King Will The 1st

    You have to visit GRUMBOT

  • King Will The 1st
    King Will The 1st

    To all you Americans ‘fanny’ means vagina so keep that in mind when he says “fannying about”

  • mr smile
    mr smile


  • Reality

    Day 12 of asking mumbo to use his old intro for at least 1 video

  • Guy Segev
    Guy Segev

    if i have 5 coin overdraft then i deposit 1 coin i'm stealing 4 pacific coins

  • Caleb Stimmler
    Caleb Stimmler

    So pacific is basically a bank

  • Adhikari Dingasing
    Adhikari Dingasing

    @ Check this out very helpful !!!

  • Natto

    F for the burned potato

  • Megamörser HD
    Megamörser HD

    I understood nothing but i liked this episode

  • kristin robertson
    kristin robertson

    Mumbo it looks complicated but it's really simple. Me. + + 0

  • Evoker_ Master
    Evoker_ Master

    Mumbo, listen to this comment- ur building a Bank. Mumbo in 2030: hey guys today were simply building an ai system

    • King Will The 1st
      King Will The 1st

      Did you really forget GRUMBOT?

  • Mrs Lonely Vibes
    Mrs Lonely Vibes

    Redstone master 😌👍

  • Kayden Laundry
    Kayden Laundry

    You are asked if you want an egg. Do you accept?

  • Clarence Philip A. Langbid
    Clarence Philip A. Langbid

    Wait I have an idea what if the person uses someone else's account and buy what they want add a password on them

  • Bulbasaur is pleased
    Bulbasaur is pleased

    So this guy created both AI and a bank system in minecraft, the game where you can’t wear socks. Wow.

  • Seth Barrett
    Seth Barrett

    The dogs face when they were playing on the rubber ducks

  • raspberryice

    Ok... this episode blew my mind! I didn’t think Mumbo could shock me with his skills anymore.... how the hellllllllllll

  • Turtleman6


  • Jolene Blake
    Jolene Blake

    Mumbo we need a ring tone of you and iskall laughing

  • sleoh

    so uh how do multiple people shop at pacific at the same time?

  • risky 2k
    risky 2k

    Part 2

  • JsabArrhythmia

    It says "Grain"

  • Cool and Funny Minecraft Creations
    Cool and Funny Minecraft Creations

    did anyone see the slimes when he was building?

  • Double A Gamer
    Double A Gamer


  • David Wang
    David Wang

    such a great system, because it saves the time to pay the diamonds!

  • Table 2.0
    Table 2.0

    Mumbo you’re too wholesome my heart I can’t-

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