Hermitcraft in Minecraft VR
Mumbo experiences the Hermitcraft Season 7 World like never before. Making use of Vivecraft for Minecraft java edition, combined with an Oculus Quest 2, Mumbo is able to experience Hermitcraft in Minecraft VR! Doing a short Hermitcraft world tour of all the Mumbo Minecraft builds, the Minecraft virtual reality gives a crazy sense of scale! Even bamboo feels larger than live in Minecraft Java VR!
If you want to play Minecraft in VR! (Contains affiliate links, if you buy a small amount goes to me!)
OCULUS QUEST 2: amzn.to/39W4ZNs
OCULUS LINK: amzn.to/3rwb09w
Vivecraft mod: www.vivecraft.org/
You will also need SteamVR to make it work.
I get all my music from Artlist.io
Filming channel: sltoos.info
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I did try to fly with my elytra but couldn't work out how to do it! I might feature some VR flight in upcoming episodes, as I imagine it's very fun.

    • Usman Khan
      Usman Khan

      @Millie The Chick ya true

    • Millie The Chick
      Millie The Chick

      @Usman Khan Oof, yeah I don't think I would be great at it either... 😂

    • Usman Khan
      Usman Khan

      When I tried Minecraft in VR I couldn't play for more than 15 minutes because I felt motion sickness, lol 🤣😂

    • Emil Thiesen
      Emil Thiesen

      Ya heard of motion sickness

    • Millie The Chick
      Millie The Chick

      @Tamara Henry Yeah true... Oh wait wow that would be such a weird/awful experience!

  • darkBlade

    uhhh I see something wrong with his mustage

  • okjijenAbi

    Wait till you play it with Ray Tracing and shaders and stuff

  • Lercey

    Now try doing redstone with it

  • ThaBeggar

    The mouse on screen the whole time

  • • Rowena Bradley •
    • Rowena Bradley •

    Was I not gonna know Mumbo looks like an older justin beiber or was i gonna see that in a vr video?

    • slingshot samurai
      slingshot samurai

      Ya like ur own comment

  • Sudev

    I love how you called Hermicraft "Earmitcraph" on your multiplayer menu lol

  • Reekid's BIGGEST fan ThomasD-A
    Reekid's BIGGEST fan ThomasD-A

    ive got the same vr head set but i dot have a pc ive got an xbox

  • ruth wachenfeld
    ruth wachenfeld

    Hell I have an Electra and VR I was tripping balls man and I went on a very high structure NVR

  • Phy

    I thought you knew every block is one meter cubed.

  • Hassan Darwish
    Hassan Darwish

    “I feel like David hasselhoff in the sponge bob movie” well said mumbo well said

  • ChaosContrl

    Imagine being near the Warden in VR...

  • Jacob_ 6905
    Jacob_ 6905

    Alternate title : Minecraft, but *wavy*

  • ProbeBot

    The barge is cool in VR.

  • Jeremiah Stoume
    Jeremiah Stoume

    the wrenches look amazing this is nuts did you forget your bolts

  • ink

    He should've visited Grumbot

  • Dilshan Lau
    Dilshan Lau

    There is a cursor on the video you're welcome

  • Mercy on the Potatoes
    Mercy on the Potatoes

    Ive played Minecraft in VR the nether is terrifying

  • Black Wolf Boi
    Black Wolf Boi

    anyone realize he named the server earmitcraph

  • Gaming Mayhem
    Gaming Mayhem

    OMG. I just tried minecraft in VR for the first time. I never got motion or VR sickness before but its been more than an hour since i stopped and i still feel like vomiting...

  • Jim Greene
    Jim Greene

    Make a machine that tells you what version of the game you are playing.

  • Timon Damerow
    Timon Damerow


  • crispr casnine
    crispr casnine

    why is fps is so low video like have 15 fps?

  • BlackFighterStarfire

    season 8 challenge you have to play season 8 hermitcraft in vr that would be a interesting season right there lol


    Now imagine this with shaders

  • EEF

    Who disliked this video and why do you hate yourself??

  • Adam Carter
    Adam Carter

    He left his mouse on his screen

  • Saelora Sinanardiel
    Saelora Sinanardiel

    elytra flight in VR is an incredible experience. Especially once you get the hang of the "The elytra go with the direction your hand is pointing in" thing, you start being sable to swoop around independently of where you're looking and it's incredible.

  • 43 Nothingness YT
    43 Nothingness YT

    everyone: wow vr has developed so far Mumbo: BUT THE BAMBO IS SO BIG

  • Anchialem Abebe
    Anchialem Abebe

    Face reveale?

  • Jerica Locke
    Jerica Locke

    Mumbo: the wrenches look amazing! Me: the wgat? Me: Me: Me: THOSE ARE WRENCHES?!?!?!

  • Jerica Locke
    Jerica Locke

    You are adorable

  • Corban Mooney
    Corban Mooney

    look at fancy mumbo with his quest 2

  • Angela Santos
    Angela Santos

    mumbo might be the most adorable british man i know

  • Bas Scharenborg
    Bas Scharenborg

    Minecraft in VR. Awsome!

  • Fellow Rabbit
    Fellow Rabbit

    Thank you for petting the dog.

  • VeyezX

    1.17 in vr would look so sick

  • Rafael Kresmar
    Rafael Kresmar

    And suddenly 12 Bamboo seems like alot more

  • yousef yoyo
    yousef yoyo

    Imagine flying over the void in vr

  • Jackson Kelly
    Jackson Kelly

    Round 2 decked out

  • DUST Brown
    DUST Brown

    mine with two pickaxes at once! it goes faster

  • Youri Gevers
    Youri Gevers

    Imagine what Grian's base would look like.

  • Chao Coolman
    Chao Coolman


  • Shinfekta

    "This is something you would see in real life" Turns around everything is burning. (btw I love how much fun he has)

  • Daivam Pandit
    Daivam Pandit

    i also feel that Minecraft eats me and i am inside Minecraft lol

  • Blob Fish
    Blob Fish

    briish man talking about bamboo be like

  • Momin Thanks again
    Momin Thanks again


  • Dayna Anthony
    Dayna Anthony

    Remember mumbo and grain theme when you started your chanel

  • Jae

    IS IT JUST ME OR DOES HIS HOUSE LOOK LIKE A BLOODY COMMERCIAL? Man I wish my place looked so bloody picturesque! XD

  • Gavz Tadleッ
    Gavz Tadleッ

    Imagine Grian's Mansion On VR

  • lily benton
    lily benton

    The brash summer regionally record because decrease reportedly want until a pathetic office. teeny, boorish factory

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days

    He should play decked out in vr

  • Will Florentino
    Will Florentino

    mumbos lil plants are so cute wtf

  • VeryKooked

    Imagine if one of the hermits suddenly come online and is expertly playing Minecraft vr

  • Caden Herbst
    Caden Herbst

    Mumbo , I’ll make a vid in the vid I should almost die at the start

  • DoubleTrouble

    Me subbed to mumbo since 5M subs and not noticing he is British

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Curser just chillin

  • Venomoushawk

    How did he do it on the oculus quest


    How did u do this can someone tell me how he did this i have a quest 2

  • Kris Denger
    Kris Denger

    Please play more in VR on Hermitcraft. This is amazing..

  • Aiden James
    Aiden James

    If Minecraft was a be only game

  • Leonie Heming
    Leonie Heming

    Mumbo 1 minecraft block is in real life 1 M

  • Santhamma bose
    Santhamma bose

    Did you just revealed your face

  • Draqee

    The quality is really good

  • MrSquishy Ø
    MrSquishy Ø

    You did not make your base very “my self esteem” friendly


    I just installed the mod earlier today it was amazing xD

  • FoxPlayz

    how fun i wanna do that!!!

  • ImRainPlays

    I like Mumbo's backround

  • sandstrider

    hi mubojumo

  • pogs

    do this with shaders

  • Infinivoid Gaming
    Infinivoid Gaming

    I seriously want a part 2 where he tours the sever


    It will be nice if u had play deckouted

  • Martin Bogoje
    Martin Bogoje

    Mumbo you NEED to fly an elytra in Minecraft VR

  • Ahmed Dhanjisha
    Ahmed Dhanjisha

    Hey Mumbo I'm watching You on VR as well 😂

  • Bre

    Shorts Shorts is the way #shorts

  • Juzlyife

    I really wanted to see how huge Grians mansion is in VR

  • Royal Cow King
    Royal Cow King

    As I’m watching I want him to fly

  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry

    My first time loading into VR Minecraft... it decided to use a x256 texture pack that I had running on the non VR Minecraft... when I started to then realize that everything was crazy detailed lol... should 100% take a look at it with a texture pack on even if it becomes somewhat unplayable (can cause some serious lag)... just to be able to look around with such a detailed world is mind blowing.. will bring the VR Minecraft feeling to yet another even further level than going from basic Minecraft to VR.

  • water boi
    water boi

    equip an elytra irl

  • Terence

    Mumbo: The scary witch, she looks like a scary witch Yes this wooden floor is made out of wood Stàmp: 7:15

    • • SuShi •
      • SuShi •


  • Cian Maheswaren
    Cian Maheswaren

    "Ya Done Good Hasslehoff, Ya Done Good."

  • johterrian evans
    johterrian evans

    If someone builds the Hermitcraft world and puts it on the marketplace, I'll be willing to pay whatever price to buy it.

  • Ghastly ID
    Ghastly ID

    "I'm on top of myself!"

  • Emmett Jaakkola
    Emmett Jaakkola

    8:16 mumbo enderpearls one block.

  • I am steve
    I am steve

    2:27 if I said that in minecraft I would just be me saying a word with iq1

    • I am steve
      I am steve

      don’t make joke replies on this unless it’s April fools

  • Mitchtastic

    I love how happy mumbo is in vr

  • Evan Ferguson
    Evan Ferguson

    Mc be is on the quest 2???

  • Lewis Armitt
    Lewis Armitt

    Mumbo is a chunky boy

  • Justin Gamer
    Justin Gamer

    How did you play on vr

  • Jacob Levin
    Jacob Levin


    • НИЧЕГО из пластилина
      НИЧЕГО из пластилина


  • Fort Quake
    Fort Quake

    Get a valve index, you even get Half Life Alyx free

  • Lilith_ Ivo
    Lilith_ Ivo

    if you have a powerful enough pc you can also have shaders in vr

  • Tristoms09

    Did you know Minecraft was built on the metric scale, a block is a metre wide, tall and long, there is literally an achievement that says “travel a kilometre by rail”

  • JC 9900
    JC 9900

    Immersive, but there is a mouse pointer. Is it still immersive???

  • Gambit


  • Damien Vega
    Damien Vega

    he is saying how good it is but it would be better with shaders

  • supertiger006

    Eyyyy Oculos Quest 2 buddies :)

  • Whytie

    Why does this make me so happy?

  • Ship To My House
    Ship To My House

    Should've talked to iskall

  • Pikpik_carrot

    With bedrock all you need is PlayStation VR

698 tis.