Hermitcraft 7: Episode 72 - IT'S OVER!
THE HCBBS COUNTDOWN IS OVER! In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo joins up with the members of the Bumbo Baggins Society to watch as the mysterious HCBBS hermitcraft countdown clock hits zero, revealing a HUGE CHANGE to the Hermitcraft server as a whole. There were many theories, BUTTON 2.0, The BEE-LEIEVERS, Bumbo Baggins Society, and the Bye Bye Season crew... But this caught every Hermitcraft Hermit by surprise!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    A BIG OL' FAT REMINDER HERE: 1. READ THE SMALL PRINT 2. We're all friends on Hermitcraft, and Hermitcraft is all about having fun. So don't light your pants on fire in anger over things that happen on the server! This is definitely an opportunity for us to mix things up and try different things. 3. The reason Ren is upset is not what you think. ALSO... Remember the small print?

    • The Gamer Fencer0129
      The Gamer Fencer0129

      Scar lost the deed for your base

    • Jake The beaver
      Jake The beaver

      Agreed but still...sigh

    • Evan Carney
      Evan Carney

      Ok but I’m fairly certain this was all an elaborate plan to relieve Mumbos custody over the golden heart he neglects so all In all this is a winning situation.

    • ian kade
      ian kade

      i loved this

    • Sohaib Ahmad aka Smartieboi
      Sohaib Ahmad aka Smartieboi

      Hello creator of HCBBS!

  • Myles Pieper
    Myles Pieper

    The lengths mumbo will go to get the tiny mushrooms

  • Mr.ButterBallJr.

    When does season 7 end?

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson

    if he signed a surticacute that had nothing on it then the base swap is not oficial

  • Lauren BC
    Lauren BC

    The lack of organisation is made up with all the building!

  • Future Gamers
    Future Gamers

    the infin-a-bee stones

  • eyechief

    Cant wait for who ever has mumbos bade to get annoyed with the heart beat... and secondly... do they know that they have to feed the base


    Does mumbo ever reply to comments

  • BlueTerror 22
    BlueTerror 22

    that was a big plot twist

  • Ky'mani Playz Everything
    Ky'mani Playz Everything

    Mumbo complaining that scar doesn't have a bed Mumbo:not having bed

  • Smileyboi1

    Am I the only one who is sad that mumbo doesn’t live in his base anymore? Why am I sad about this!?

    • ceruchi

      Start watching Scar ^_^

  • Awkward Unicorn
    Awkward Unicorn

    Mumbo forgetting about about the de-hobbiter we bone meal that grian used on him early in the season

  • Snuskedundret

    Why does it feel like I'm watching a Hermitcraft Swinger Party? This is weird

  • FlamingFugtitive

    Is the industrial district still yours?

  • Ed’s mock’s and reviews
    Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    All the work for bases and they were just handed over

  • Ed’s mock’s and reviews
    Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    It's funny like he ignored that we knew it was him

  • MrBoliber

    How awesome would it be if there were a Hermitcraft theme park?

  • TheHeroBrain

    4. Doors and stuff - Grian intensifises

  • Dylan Salisbury
    Dylan Salisbury

    I'm so glad this happened! I just lost my world on accident so this was really inspiring.😊

  • Madrail

    I nearly died of laughter while watching

  • Ana Jaquez
    Ana Jaquez

    This is conspiracy to make hermits watch each others video's

  • Logan Campos
    Logan Campos

    Ah, ARGRICULTUREWE pronounced: arg-ricul-tu-rewe

  • Decius Nix
    Decius Nix

    The chest/shulker monster used to be SOO much worse lol

  • Pedrosso

    First project: super sorter


    Mumbo: *gets scar's base* Also Mumbo: tInY mUsHRooMS

  • Lump Lot
    Lump Lot

    I love that Mumbo said "Do we go in" before seeing if there's an in

  • Andy Lance
    Andy Lance


  • Rebecca Walters
    Rebecca Walters

    I think you did because you left the stuf in your invitory

  • Rebecca Walters
    Rebecca Walters

    Mumdo did you make the cont done

  • Pearyo Pain
    Pearyo Pain

    Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine I hear a remix coming up

  • Yoshilikestoast


  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda

    anyone notice how mumbo had 32 tnt in his hotbar and then suddenly after a cut he had 29 tnt in his hotbar and the hcbbs clock exploded?

  • Coca Cola espuma
    Coca Cola espuma

    Mumbo you also own scars Star Wars base now.

  • 陳宇澤

    he's actually happy about losing his diamonds

  • Amelia McCourt
    Amelia McCourt


  • ThatGuy777

    Really rad

  • Geometry Craft
    Geometry Craft


  • Flying Napalm
    Flying Napalm

    No one else was sure it came from space, they thought it was button. You're busted!

  • Spaceduck

    Does the base swap include your industrial district?

  • untwisted

    Mr. Jumbo, I've just checked out a few of your videos, I used to watch you very much and made my way back again

    • redouts

      he puts blank cuts on purpose

  • The Lime Sheep
    The Lime Sheep

    mumbo at 'his' base made me think of the seagulls from finding nemo

  • Stella Waites
    Stella Waites


  • Azuul

    I had no idea... 🤯 Also, the challenge is on. #challengeaccepted #uselessinformation

  • mjb 20077
    mjb 20077

    "This Dog Is Mine" *The Dog Looks At Mumbo In Fear*

  • TylerGaming806



    12:44 seeing Mumbo's reaction to Scar's chest monster is absolutely hilarious knowing that compared to how big it was at its peak, this is just like the few crumbs that are left after the cake's been eaten XD

  • Hunter Diewold
    Hunter Diewold

    Rip to whoever got iskall’s base

  • Grayson Matthews
    Grayson Matthews

    HOLD ON!!! REDSTONERS GOT TERRAFORMERS AND THE TERRAFORMERS GOT REDSTONERS!!! HCBBS isn't evil. HCBBS is trying to make all the Hermits fix each other's bases!

  • Lennaert Hondelink
    Lennaert Hondelink

    I'm pretty sure the wizard tower or some of the trees had beds at the bridge level

  • Creative Plunder
    Creative Plunder


  • HakuTheSkitty

    Im going to sound a little off, but who got Mumbo's base? i cant seem to work out who got it

  • Shaun Irimpan
    Shaun Irimpan

    Hermit craft equals no face cam gang lol

  • K. V.
    K. V.

    2nd watch, noticing all the tnt in mumbo's inventory

  • H1mikoYumeno

    am i the only one who doesn’t rlly like this change? atleast for the ppl i watch (Grian and Mumbo). i wanted to see what they do with THEIR base. but i guess it will still be fun

    • redouts

      it wont be permanent lol

  • Wip Lein
    Wip Lein

    Week ago or not, this made me laugh so hard. The switch is perfect. I've never quite heard someone utter such a absolutely terrified "oh my goodness"


    Oh no mumbo hates unorganized pee poles haha

  • J Villain
    J Villain

    This base swap is actually genius on your parts to help grow everyones audiences, especially for some of the lesser know hermits. Plus for the most part matching redstoners and builders to swap bases. I don't know how your gonna feel about watching all your redstone builds break though. That tower was absolutely a mumbo build though. Deny it all you want. It has mumbo writen all over it lol.

  • Nathan Andecker
    Nathan Andecker

    I cringed.when scar could’ve converted those full chests and shulkers of emeralds and red stone into blocks

  • James Rose Jr
    James Rose Jr

    Observers dispensers and tnt in his inventory?

    • James Rose Jr
      James Rose Jr

      And grey concrete

  • Michael

    does this mean you literally could have just made a dirt hut in a field and eventually get a free base

  • Tomás de Lima Freitas
    Tomás de Lima Freitas

    This video reached 100 thousand likes. That is massive engagement. I'm proud for you, Mumbo.

  • W.D.Gaster Reacts
    W.D.Gaster Reacts

    Mumbo:*excited to lose his base due to not feeding it any more* Also mumbo: *all his progress and items in it belong to scar now*

  • MCLegoMan

    This whole thing was just so mumbo doesn't have to feed his base LOL

  • The Memegeneer
    The Memegeneer

    *explosion of fireworks kill multiple people* *scar in the background guiltily holding a crossbow*

  • Mud Fox
    Mud Fox

    “This is good terracot- he has ...woaw “ 13:55

  • Demapples14

    Mumbo: There’s no de-hobbiting machine The Un-hobbiter bone meal: Am I a joke to you?

  • Naomi McIvor
    Naomi McIvor

    :mumbo I own a drill :me screaming that there's a massive one beside it

  • Bluemoon Star
    Bluemoon Star

    Just in case you didn’t notice mumbo was holding Redstone Redstone resources the day that the HCBBS went off and the date was built so therefore it was mumbo who made the HCBBS. You cannot fool me

  • Summit D
    Summit D

    Scar owns the pacific vault now...

  • killer kamal en rarris dochter
    killer kamal en rarris dochter

    small print stuff kinda important all the e a o are capital letters all n are marked 4 n if i had to guess there are things spelled in other languages like the first three are (maybe) dutch. een means one in english

  • cho_cho_train

    10/10 acting

  • We Woys
    We Woys

    Who got mumbos

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson

    Why did they have to do this to hermitcraft?!

  • Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson

    That’s not his base, his base is in the jungle

  • Hairless Che
    Hairless Che

    Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  • JynxSp0ck

    Mumbo why did you make the big drill nether hole such an imperfect circle? Scar's base is geometrically perfect, you need to learn from him.

  • Christopher Petrie
    Christopher Petrie

    Could you make 4 identical cobblestone generator things pushing into the direction of the TNT to quadruple the amount of cobblestone?

  • TEM

    cant wait to see what you do with your new base!

  • vundu

    why is the next video private

  • Damalas75

    Good luck Mumbo! You will need it just trying to sort everything there even stuff in his town near the shopping area that may need organization which is now your island town!

  • ThaFuzzwood

    I am sort of wondering if they agreed on this behind the scenes because the matchups seem a bit tooooo convenient. Many of the long-standing issues, for lack of a better term, the bases have are perfectly solvable by the exact person that got the deed to that base.

  • Kuru Kuru
    Kuru Kuru

    Mumbo being a spoon: Mumbo: "Do we go in?" Cleo: "There's an in?" And Cleo: "Does that mean Keralis has my base?" Mumbo: "Yes.... I mean I would assume so"

    • TylerGaming806

      Correction: Mumbo BEFORE it explodes: do we go in?

  • Renee Martin
    Renee Martin

    This video feels small

  • Gracie Purdon
    Gracie Purdon

    No! I liked your normal base! And I really didn’t Scars! (Sorry) It is just so sad😭

  • Camryn Reno
    Camryn Reno

    Am i the only one the see's this and thinks "Did they swap bases to improve the bases?" Like balance them so it's not too heavy on redstone or design

  • flamangoes

    you have no idea how excited i am to see some organization for Scar god bless

  • Origami Ahsoka
    Origami Ahsoka

    I could feel the physical pain in Mumbo’s voice when he saw scar’s chest monster

  • UOYSIOHW Gaming
    UOYSIOHW Gaming

    Does scar get the industrial district

  • David Kramer
    David Kramer

    mumbo,scar lost your base’s deed

  • Arseniy Popov
    Arseniy Popov

    mumbo when the terracotta chest actually has terracotta: wow!

  • Charlie Hails
    Charlie Hails

    who got mumbos base

  • Quinn Cocquyt
    Quinn Cocquyt

    Mumbo is smart. He built the button thing so that he would have scar do terraforming on his base which is why he had scar and him switch

  • 「DragRingerジ」

    Scar and mumbo hit a jackpot

  • Ryan So
    Ryan So

    It's clearly you Mumbo that made the button 2.0 stop denying that you made it😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • cayden little777
    cayden little777

    Does anyone else remember mumbo betting his base that it was the bumbo baggins society? He was wrong and did lose his base. Could be a coincidence but Mumbo may have known and maybe this is one big, elaborate bit.


    The most hated episode of all time in hermit craft and made me lose excitment for watching hermitcraft

  • Moisty Frogman
    Moisty Frogman

    Watched 72 episodes in 11 days and now have nothing to do.

  • Owen Stoddard
    Owen Stoddard

    That deed looks very valuable. You might need a vault to protect it. . .

  • booquifius

    Anyone else remember when mumbo said he wanted scar to do some work for him on his base. Red is sus

  • Emerald Live
    Emerald Live

    With scars base you should make a apocalyptic wasteland in the background